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Announcing the Komunity Marketplace 2.0: You Can Now Share Workflows and Snippets

July 14, 2017   |   Team Komand   |   Product News

It was only a few short months ago when we unveiled the launch of our Komunity Marketplace. Built as a hub for Komand users to share reusable elements while building automation, the initial release allowed people to download or share Komand plugins directly with the community. With this first release, Komand users could contribute the connective layer between tools, the product integrations.

The idea was to start small and expand to other elements that could help people connect their products, and add automation quickly and effectively. After all, our goal has always been to remove barriers so security teams can easily utilize orchestration and automation in their security operations.

So today, with much excitement, we’re happy to announce the next edition of our Komunity Marketplace: Komand users can now share and download snippets and workflows.


In case you aren't familiar with Komand terminology, a workflow is essentially an automated playbook, and snippets are a series of steps that can be reused acrossed many different workflows. These building blocks connect with plugins to create an end-to-end automated process (of course while still allowing for human input along the way).

This new release of the Komunity Marketplace gives Komand users the capability to not only share all the building blocks for automation, but packaged solutions in the form of complete workflows for a seamless and connected ecosystem.

In fact, we launched a few of our very own workflows and snippets to help members of the community get started. Check them out below.👇

Chatops Domain and IP InvestigationChatops Domain and IP Investigation Workflow
Launch Komand workflows directly from a Slack channel using these commands "!investigate domain" or "!investigate ip"

Chatops Domain and IP InvestigationSecurity Mailbox Triage Workflow
Triage potential troublesome e-mails, forwarded by their security-conscious employees, that may contain phishing or malware

Domain EnrichmentDomain Enrichment Snippet
Allows security teams to reuse domain enrichment steps across workflows

IOC ExtractionIOC Extraction Snippet
Use Cacador to extract IPs, URLs, and hashes from an input string

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