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June Product Update

July 11, 2017   |   Team Komand   |   Product News

InfoThe Product Update is a monthly series that showcases Komand's newest enhancements and features released during the prior month. 

In the month of June, we focused heavily on user experience improvements. We believe UX matters, even down to the smallest detail. We're constantly working with customers to improve their experience and usage of Komand, so we took the opportunity to focus on the details in the past month. Below are the highlights from our June releases.

Easily Upgrade Plugin Versions in Your Workflows

Upgrade Workflow Plugins

When a new plugin version is released, you're able to upgrade it directly from the Komunity marketplace. However, if you're using the older version of the plugin within your workflow, it won't automatically update. Upgrading those plugins used to be a manual effort, but not anymore! 

Now you can see which workflows contain upgradeable plugins, and update them in one fell swoop. Now, keep in mind that this only works for minor plugin versions. If the changes to the plugin are substantial, you'll still need to manually upgrade plugins to ensure nothing breaks your workflows.

Better Error Messages, Expanded Visibility

Upgrade Workflow Plugins

Error states are often an underappreciated piece of the user experience, but when something fails, you want to know why so it can be fixed. 

We've been working steadily on improving our error handling and experience across the product, but especially in the workflow builder. In June, we added better error messages, and expanded their visibility so that you can troubleshoot workflows as you build them.

Ability to Add a Step if Connection Test Fails

While building a workflow, sometimes you just want to add steps as fast as possible. Previously in our workflow builder, you had to use a valid connection in order add a new step. We heard from several customers that this hindered their ability to simply test out new actions and build as fast as possible -- especially if they have submitted requests for credentials and are waiting on approval.

As a quick fix, we added an option to save a step even if the connection fails. This enables Komand users to build automation as they wait for credentials. In the mean time, we will continue to work on ways to improve the building experience. 

Improved Experience for Enumeration and Boolean Inputs

Enum and boolean fields accepting variablesWithin the workflow builder, Komand users can use variables to pass data through their workflows. Each variable has a data type, which includes strings, arrays, integers, booleans, and more. To help people understand what data type is expected, we tag inputs with a type label.

Previously, enumeration types and boolean types were not able to accept variables; these fields had pre-defined choices with no ability to pass a variable into them. After some customer feedback -- you know, since we're a customer-driven organization -- we not only added the ability to use variables in these fields, but we created a helpful experience to do so. Now enums and booleans can use variables, hooray!  

Other Improvements and Notable Fixes

  • Decision steps now use distinct icons for human and automated decisions
  • Artifact steps can now display base64 encoded data as an image
  • Fixed issues caused by interrupting step edits in the workflow builder
  • Chatbot Response Prompt steps now support the "Continue on Failure" option
  • Display improvements on the job details 
  • Job details page now shows error messages from loop begin and loop end steps

Plugin Additions and Updates

Aside from the UX-focused features launched in June, we also released a slew of new plugins — including top tier integrations and added new actions to existing plugins! Below is the breakdown.

New Plugins & Integrations
New Actions to Automate


Integration Highlights

Docker Engine
Qualys SSL Labs
Threat Quotient


Product Marketing Update

We also held a security chatops webinar on June 15th that featured our very own Jen Andre and Datadog's CSO, Andrew Becherer. Jen and Andrew discussed the current state of security chatops, what challenges teams face when implementing chatops into security operations, and Komand's new chatbot response prompt feature that helps streamline this process. 

Luckily, we recorded the webinar! You can download the video here.

See These New Additions in Realtime

If you're interested in seeing these new features in action, we're happy to show you a demo. We promise no high-pressure sales tactics, just an informal educational session and discussion. Simply request a demo.

You can also stay up-to-date on our feature releases by subscribing to our product update emails — we'll only send you emails about the product. Sign up below.

Until next month. Cheers! Komand

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