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The Weekly Komunity Update

August 07, 2017   |   Team Komand   |   Weekly Komunity Update

InfoThe Weekly Komunity Update is a blog and email series that showcases the newest plugins and workflows released by Komand during the previous week.

In case you missed it, we recently launched V2 of our Komunity marketplace. Now Komand users can not only share and download plugins, but other reusable elements like snippets and workflows. The addition of these new elements allows teams to grab the foundations of automation, enabling them to get started faster without reinventing the wheel.

As part of the new Komunity release, we will start showcasing snippets and workflows alongside plugins to help people understand how these plugins can be used. Moving forward, the weekly plugin update will now include additional Komand content, and the series will henceforth be known as the Weekly Komunity Update. Cheers! Komand


Recorded Future

Recorded Future

An automated security assessment service that helps improve the security and compliance of applications deployed on AWS  |  See on Komunity → 

Team Cymru Bogon

Team Cymru Bogon

Monitor specific internet critical infrastructure and provide realtime bogon prefix tracking  |  See on Komunity →

Threat Stack

Threat Stack

Monitor security events in cloud environments  |  See on Komunity →

Workflows and Snippets


Related Domains

Discover related domains with DomainTools, collect a list of subdomains with PassiveTotal, and retrieve related malicious domains by risk score with Recorded Future.  |  See on Komunity →


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