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The Weekly Komunity Update

August 21, 2017   |   Team Komand   |   Weekly Komunity Update

InfoThe Weekly Komunity Update is a blog and email series that showcases the newest plugins and workflows released by Komand during the previous week.

As part of the new Komunity release, we will start showcasing snippets and workflows alongside plugins to help people understand how these plugins can be used. Moving forward, the weekly plugin update will now include additional Komand content, and the series will henceforth be known as the Weekly Komunity Update. Cheers! Komand



Resilient Incident

Respond to and resolve security incidents more effectively and efficiently with Resilient IRP |  See on Komunity → 

Workflows and Snippets


Enrich Resilient MD5 Hash and IP Address Artifacts

Parse and enrich artifacts from an incident logged in Resilient |  See on Komunity →


 Komunity Content by the Numbers

Tasks to Automate
Workflows & Snippets


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