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The Weekly Komunity Update

September 27, 2017   |   Team Komand   |   Weekly Komunity Update

InfoThe Weekly Komunity Update is a blog and email series that showcases the newest plugins and workflows released by Komand during the previous week.


carbon black

Carbon Black Live Response

The Cb Response Live Response feature allows security operators to collect information and take action on remote endpoints in real time.

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carbon black

Carbon Black Enterprise Response Client

NEW TRIGGER New Alert: Fires when a new alert is found
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NEW ACTION Lookup Password: Check password for compromise
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Workflows and Snippets


Handle Alert MD5 Detections 

New alerts have their MD5 hashes sent for enrichment, with follow-on activity for positive detections See on Komunity →


Delete Emails with Malicious Attachments

New, unread emails have their attachments parsed and hashed with MD5 hashes sent for enrichment See on Komunity →


Komunity Content by the Numbers


Tasks to Automate
Workflows & Snippets


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