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Komand Weekly Plugin Update

The Weekly Plugin Update

May 30, 2017   |   Jon Schipp   |   Weekly Plugin Update

InfoThe Weekly Plugin Update is a blog and email series that showcases the newest plugins and integrations released by Komand during the previous week.

This week, we're featuring 2 new plugins in high demand! Managing users and their access data across your version control software is often a manual process, much like building and running custom reports when you're looking for specific data. We've got two plugins that help you do that this week.

Here are this week's new additions:



Create issues, and manade users and SSH keys in GitLab


Qualys Reports

Create, launch, list, delete, and manage Qualys reports


 Total Plugins

Total Plugins & Integrations
Triggers & Actions  to Automate


Tune in next week for even more plugins. And if you'd like to receive an email every Monday morning with the newest plugins, subscribe to our plugin update email. 👇

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Jon Schipp

About Jon Schipp

Jon is the Security Architect here at Komand. He's passionate about balancing security with productivity, and deploying resilient infrastructure where he's done both at scale formerly at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Jon is also the founder the Open Network Security Monitoring Group (OpenNSM), the author of open source project ISLET, a contributor to many other open source security projects (Netsniff-NG Toolkit, SecurityOnion, The Bro Project), and am experienced speaker. He's given talks at DerbyCon, AIDE, Hack3rCon, BroCon, and more.